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“The future of education-books or computers” (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

We live in the age of technology. Progress goes very fast and it makes our life easier in a lot of ways, but with progress people get rid of some things that used to help them with education. For example, people replace books with computers. Is it a right thing to do? In this case what is the future of education? Books or computers?

In my opinion, the future is in technologies. Exactly, the future is in computers and other helpful electronic devices that people already have made. First and foremost, it is less expensive to buy expensive computer once than to go to a bookstore every time when you need an answer on some kind of question. Moreover, buying books isn’t cheap thing to do, you can spend a lot of money buying books every time you need.

On the other hand, we should not forget our history, our heritage.

It is in the books. Firstly, when there is no internet, you can not use your computer to find some information, but books can always help you in any situation. Secondly, unfortunately, but not all of the people can afford computers for themselves, so they buy and use books.

This maybe true, but I think people should go hand in hand with the progress. We shouldn’t stay in one place forever. So let’s not try to stop history from moving forward! The future of education are computers, for sure.

All things considered that, all in all, there is a lot of opinions on whether the future of education- books or computers, but I still believe that the future stands for progress, in particular, for computers and electronics, not for the books.


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