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The future of education - books or computers? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Recently, computers have changed the face of the world. In many schools using of digital is spreading rapidly. This leads to the idea of complete replacing printed books with computers in the future. Nevertheless, not everyone shares this thought.

In my opinion, computers will eventually take the place of traditional books. Firstly, thanks to the Internet, students have faster and easier access to large amounts of information at any time from any place which traditional books cannot provide. Secondly, computers have a lot of features which can make the education process more entertaining for students. They can not only read something but also watch documentary films, do projects and use educational programs or games.

However, there exists another point of view on this issue. It is argued that computers will never replace books completely.

The main reason for this is that a printed book is much safer for human health. For instance, long hours in front of a computer screen can lead to serious health conditions such as backaches, headaches and impaired eyes.

Despite my respect for this opinion, I cannot share it. Eyesight is not damaged if a student takes simple measures to prevent the harmful effect of reading from a computer screen such as looking away from a screen regularly. Moreover, there are some eye exercises that prevent from blurred vision.

In conclusion, even though there are different points of view, I believe that computers will be more widely used in the future education, while books will be used less frequently.

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