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«Clothes influence people’s mood» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There has always been much controversy over the link between clothes choices and emotions. Some people say that our mood depends on what we wear, while others oppose this view.

Personally, I think that clothing has a great effect on people's emotional state. Firstly, constantly wearing dark colours can result in people feeling unhappy or even depressed. Therefore, if you dress like an emo, you will barely have an optimistic attitude towards life and be cheerful. Secondly, since home clothes can help us to set the calm tone and relieve stress, loose-fitting and pastel-coloured items make a positive contribution to people's mood. Nevertheless, some people argue that clothing cannot influence our emotions and feelings. Dressing fashionably and smartly does not necessarily mean that someone is confident.

Besides, they may struggle with a great amount of insecurities and worry about their appearance too much.

Despite this, I disagree because clothes can reflect our self-image. In view of this, those who tend to buy expensive designer clothing are more likely to stay self-satisfied and hold their heads up rather than lament. Also, stylish outfits make people stand out from the crowd, which significantly increases self-esteem and make them feel good about themselves.

In conclusion, although some people claim that clothes are irrelevant to emotions, I firmly believe that our clothes options can significantly affect our mood.

I am fully hoping that you understood my point of view. Hope to see you later.

I am really hoping that this text will help anybody with the future exams)

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