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1.Clothes people are wearing can influence their behaviour 2.Computers cannot replace people (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


Nowadays clothes which people wear can change their image and manners. Young people are engaged in different sub-cultures which include a special style of clothes.

As for me, I think that in the modern world it is normal to change your style with the help of clothes. Firstly, style helps people to be not ordinary. If a person wants to be as bright as a celebrity, he or she can wear extravagant clothes. Secondly, when a person looks like a star, he or she is starting to speak like a star and walk like a star. It is an example of how clothes influence people’s behaviour. Thirdly, many sub-cultures influence people’s behaviour through their clothes. So, if a person is wearing black and pink clothes, he or she is an EMO.

As for opposing opinion, many people pay no attention to their style of clothes and wear what is more comfortable for them, for example, are universal.

People can wear jeans on different occasions.

However, I do not agree with this point of view because even jeans can demonstrate your lifestyle and way of behaviours. If people wear torn and slim jeans, they want to look informal. On the contrary, the corporate dress code makes employees formal and disciplined.

To sum it all up, people’s clothes influence their behaviour in different situations. In formal situations, people’s clothes and behaviour are formal while in ordinary life people can be different and clothes can be different too.


Nowadays new technologies play an important role in our lives. Some people believe that in the modern world different devices are crucial, but they will not do all vital and essential functions for people.

I agree with the statement. In my opinion, computers cannot replace people in their daily routine. Firstly, machines cannot feel. That is why, they can neither smile, love nor hate. Moreover, they are not able to live, cry, bring up children or make poems. Secondly, devices are not creative. For instance, if people want to make an item with the help of a computer, the computer makes it due to the instruction. Machines do different tasks to the programme.

On the other hand, modern gadgets can perform both reading and writing functions. Besides, they store huge volumes of data. New technologies with its capacity can substitute hard-working people at home by doing household chores instead of them.

However, I disagree with this point of view. I think that machines just can help people with little things, but cannot replace human roles at home, in particular, family relationships.

To sum it all up, devices cannot do people’s social functions. That is why, people cannot be replaced by computers. The man plays an essential role in society.


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