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Clothes can influence behaviour of people (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Undoubtedly, the question about a connection between clothes and our behaviour is debatable. Some people argue that the garments that we wear can change our behavioural characteristics, whereas opponents disagree.

I am convinced that our behaviour can be absolutely different depending on the outfits we wear. The first reason for confirming my opinion is uniforms. When people are at work, they usually wear special clothes, which help them be serious and concentrated on their work. The second powerful reason is that on festive days, including carnivals, our costumes and dresses are as a rule colourful and fancy, leading to raising our spirits and behaving accordingly.

However, not all people share the same point of view. They believe that clothes may only affect our appearances, but not our personalities that mainly influence our behaviour in reality.

In my opinion, this assertion is not convincing because the behaviour of individuals might be changed according to their clothes. In all likelihood, the people who wear T-shirts and jeans on ceremonial occasions behave clumsy and unnatural because they feel embarrassed. In contrast, when someone wears amazingly beautiful clothes at a party, they are proud of themselves and so they are confident and calm in most cases.

Analyzing both sides of the problem whether clothes can change our behaviour or not, I conclude that despite our inner characteristics, everything we wear can affect our behaviour.


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