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Most teachers believe that all subjects at school are equally useful. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is common knowledge that education is very important now. Life is unimaginable without studying at school. Most teachers today are convinced that we cannot do without all subjects we learn. However, some people claim that children must get only practical knowledge that they will use in future life.

From my point of view, pupils should learn all school subjects.

To begin with, studying improves your brain work, makes you more and more intelligent. For instance, math is important to make you think rationally and logically, while literature helps you to express your opinion. In addition, school gives useful knowledge in all aspects of life. People who study regularly can communicate with almost every person, no matter what they are talking about. It can be physics, history or anything else. Moreover, life is unpredictable. You can think that you will always be interested in biology, but some day you may find out that you enjoy math.

However, many people still think that studying all school subjects is useless. People who found what they are good at and interested in start improving their skills in that. Eventually, they become brilliant at their specialty.

To a certain extent, it is right, but we should not forget that even though professionalism is important, people must be comprehensively educated.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above, I would like to emphasize that education is a key to success. That is why people who insist on studying all subjects are right.

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