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All school subjects are equally useful (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is one very profound statement which says that all school subjects play an important role. Many people agree with it, but the opponents believe that not all of them are equally valuable. It causes wide controversy. Let us examine each point of view in detail.

I agree with the second statement. To begin with, not every subject will play a major role in your future career. For example, a person wants to be a doctor, therefore it is necessary for him to learn biology and chemistry. At the same time he should not pay much attention to geography or physics as they are not needed for this profession. Also, if all subjects are equally important, then students have to work hard for them. It may lead to constant tiredness among schoolchildren, which is very dangerous for their health.

However, some people have a different opinion.

They claim that studying lots of subjects at the same time improves brain work.

I disagree with this opinion. To my mind people who learns various things deeply simultaneously have a natural talent. Unfortunately, not all of us have one. So it makes more sense to choose who you want to be in the future and study necessary subjects to reach your goal.

In conclusion it should be mentioned that every person should try to learn all subjects as a first step. It will help him to find out with which one he would like to connect his future career.


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