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Organized travel is not as interesting (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Almost everyone likes travelling. Some people prefer well-planned trips when you travell in an organized group. Other people strongly believe that it is much more comfortable to go somewhere on your own.

In my opinion, the best way to see the world is independent travell. There are lots of advantages proving it. First of all, travelling on your own you spend less money because you need not pay for a tour guide. Secondly, you decide by yourself what you want to see, you make an individual route which will be suitable for your tastes. Thirdly, you go sightseeing with your own speed so you need not wait somebody and you can finish your walk by the time you wish.

However, some people might disagree with my point of view.

In their opinion, it is really difficult to find a way in a foreign country so you can be quickly lost if you travell without the organized group. Moreover, they are sure that you cannot see local landmarks which only tour guides know.

I cannot agree with the above ideas. It is quite easy to orientate using your mobile phone or GPS-navigator. Besides, if you want to see the local landmarks you can always ask citizens for some help.

To sum up, I have no doubt that despite some disadvantages the independent trips are one of the most convenient way of travelling.

I am fully hoping that you understood my point of view. Hope to see you later.

I am really hoping that this text will help anybody with the future exams)

I'll try to write a new work as fast as i can


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