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Some people think that to get a good education one should go abroad (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Views concerning education differ widely among people. Some people consider that the best way of studying is international one. Others consider it unacceptable.

In my opinion, if people want to get good education they should go abroad. Firstly, foreign universities are the oldest in the world. Thus they have more experience in preparing students for their future career than Russian ones. That is why European or American diplomas are more valuable in modern society and you can be in demand all over the world. Secondly, students will increase their language fluency because they will be not only taught in it but also speak this language in their daily life. Therefore the level of socializing foreign languages is better when you get international education and it is very essential nowadays if you want to get a well-paid job.

However, some people believe that studying abroad is not necessary because there are lots of universities in Russia such as MGIMO, HSE and MSU that are also very prestigious.

They have high-qualified professional staff that can compete with their foreign colleagues in quality of offered education.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with the above-given idea. It is widely known that than more collaborations with foreign universities Russian ones have than more popular they are considered, so if one has such an opportunity to study directly in foreign country it is better to do it there.

To sum up, tastes differ, but I personally think that the best education is one getting abroad because feelings of excitement from new place give students inspiration to study better and explore all the new.

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