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Many people prefer to travel abroad; others say that there is much more to be seen in our own country. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

All people like travelling and nowadays they can go wherever they want. So, some people claim that there is nothing more exciting than travelling abroad. While others argue that it’s not necessary to go abroad to have a good time. Who I right?

In this essay I will try to express my opinion on this issue. To my mind, travelling abroad is better than a travelling in our country.

Firstly, a journey to another country gives people an amazing opportunity to meet new alien cultures, interesting people and their customs. Secondly, when people travel abroad they can practice their language with full language immersion. Finally, countries differ in weather, sights, appearance, landscapes and no one country can have them in the same time.

However, some people prefer to travel around our country. They consider that it is beautiful and they shouldn’t go far.

At the same time, I can’t completely agree with this opinion. Yes, our country is beautiful but its beauty is monotonous and already dull. Besides, our country is large and a path from one city to another is equal to a path from our country to another one.

According to arguments presented above, I can say that despite the fact that our country deserves to be seen, people should travel abroad to broaden their horizons and gain useful experience.

I am hoping that mine point of view is understandable for anyanyone who read it. Merci for your time friends.

I really hope about that this text will help somebody with his future exams)

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