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It is better to travel abroad than explore your home country (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It goes without saying that travelling to foreign countries is becoming more and more popular nowadays. However, other people are sure that it is unnecessary to visit another countries instead of your homeland.

Most people generally agree that travelling to another countries is the best type of spending your holidays or vacation. First of all, travelling around the World is one of the most useful ways of learning and improving the international language – English. There you can practice your vocabulary skills, find out some new information about collocations and idioms. You can also learn how to differ accents in various countries. Secondly, travelling abroad allows you to learn much information about culture of different countries. There you can try the national cuisine, learn about the history, inquire local citizens about their traditions.

Conversely, some people claim that exploring your motherland is cheaper and more convenient because you do not need to waste your money on plane tickets.

I am afraid I cannot agree with my opponents’ points of view owing to the fact that there are many special offers which are really cheap and full of interesting excursions and places. Moreover, tourism in Russia is flourishing nowadays that is why tours are very expensive.

To sum up, I would like to say that travelling abroad provides many opportunities such as learning languages, traditions, customs and history, trying national cuisine and taking part in different activities that is why travelling around the world is worth it.


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