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Extreme sports are better than traditional sports. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The problem of Extreme sport has has recently been a popular topic for discussion. While some people believe that it is very exciting and everyone should try it? others think that it is too dangerous for life.

In my view, traditional sports are better than extreme sports. There are several reasons to support my opinion. First of all, extreme sports is very expensive. Few people can buy expensive equipment for extreme sport. For example,

The average cost of complete equipment for a snowboard will cost about 800$,

The average cost of complete diving equipment will cost about 2500$.

Apart from that it is very dangerous.

According to the news every day about the accident, someone in the mountains overtook the avalanche, someone unsuccessfully set off, performing a trick before the skateboard, someone did not open the parachute in the air, someone broke from the cliff, because he climbed without equipment, someone in the desert caught a sandstorm. Any mistake can lead to the athlete`s death. Many people cannot afford to engage in it due to diseases like heart failure, muscle failure, vision problems, fragility of bones, unstable emotional state.

However, opponents of this view say that extreme sports is the best kind of sports. They say that it brings unforgettable emotions. Delight from the experience makes people return to extreme sport. Moreover, it help people get fit.

It is hard to agree with their opinion because any kind of sport brings grate emotions. For example, when you play football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis or another team sport, you spend your time with your friends, you are joke, laugh and it always raises your nerve. Besides, any kind of sport helps people get fit because physical exercises improve health and keep fit.

As already stated, I am convinced that traditional sports is no worse than extreme sports. After all, I want to say that any kind of sport is good for people`s health. But more importantly to find a sport that will bring pleasure and make you happy.

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