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Extreme sports in our life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

To start with, in the hectic world of today we can't imagine our life without extreme sports. Sure, there are a ton of adventure for all tastes and most are more than just a scary good time. But I suppose that snowboarding and surfing are the most popular and awesome extreme sports nowadays.

Surprisingly, there are some common sides between snowboarding and surfing although these two sports have a difference in location. For example, first of all, the board is the main attribute of these adventures. Moreover, as well as other extreme sports they will help to keep fit and offer a workout that will have you feeling good from your toes to your head after the initial shock to your muscles. It's obvious that this sports require serious preparation to provide yourself with positive emotions and to avoid detriment to your health during training.

Snowboarding - one of the top daredevil winter extreme sport, which consists in the descent from the snowy slopes of the mountains and on snowboard.

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Как стать экспертом?

Snowboarding runs on unprepared slopes and at high speeds, for protection against injuries using various equipment - helmets, protection of joints, arms, legs and back. Snowboarding is conjugate with health risks, like other winter sports. Wrist fracture is the most common injury in this sport, but there are others such as: concussion, sprains and other fractures.

Surfing - is one of the toughest swimming activities to master. It's riding on a waves on special light boards. It does not require serious protection as opposed to snowboard. Surfers can use diving coast only in rare cases when the water is cold. Besides surfing is more safer than snowboarding, but here you can get some injury, too. For example: concussions, dislocations, scratches and so on.

As for me, I'm passionate about snowboarding. Personally I believe that it might be right up my alley. Incredible speed during the descent will help to feel free , to relax and forget about problems. Besides it's loads of fun to explore new terrain and see impressive views, especially when surprise may lie around each corner. The elevation changes will help to keep in a top shape and offer a workout that will have you feeling good from your toes to your head after the initial shock to your muscles. It seems to me that this sport offer a sheer adventure. But unf I'm sure the memories will last a lifetime.

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