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Nepalese proverbs (part III) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A knot tied with a laugh is untied with tears.

There is a market where the merchant lives.

Farming is best, trade comes next, and service is the worst of all.

A guest for a day, let him eat the best, on the second, let him go elsewhere.

A mendicant comes as a guest in a hermit’s hut.

Where there is peace, there is God.

While the holy men die of starvation, rogues live on rice and milk.

There is a cure for everything except for shamelessness.

A country by hearsay is a happy place, a country in which one must live is not.

Put on the clothes to suit the land.

A temple in the neighborhood is neglected.

The unfortunate gets angry when it is time to eat.

He who spits at the sky gets it full in his face.

To describe the heaven to its king.

The sun cannot be covered with the hand.

When the sun comes the stars disappear.

To hold a lamp to the sun.

That is no hindrance to an honest man.

One hundred lies are required to hide one lie.

Progress and regression go together.

He who deals in coal dirties his hand.

Man is known when there is work to be done.

Every one can teach but not learn.

He who steals is a thief whether he steals a radish or a horse.

A thief catches a thief.

An unknown thief is as honorable as a father.

He who steals shouts aloud.

Fear the upstart and the great become low.

An unkind word is sharper than a sword.

It is best to speak less.

When the day is bad even an unloaded gun fires.

What is earned in sin is spent in repentance.

The stomach makes a man do many things.

Repentance is good, not to sin is better.

Love and smoke cannot he hidden.

No oil will come out of the sand by squeezing it.

There is nobody without an illness, not a family without a stain.

An enemy is never idle.

Treat no enemy as insignificant.

Sadness is a disease of the heart.

Contentment is great wealth.

Greed brings gain, gain brings sorrow.

The goldsmith beats a hundred times, the blacksmith hits but once.

Keep your purse closed, blame no one else.

One who cannot dance finds the stage uneven.

When the brave comes in, out goes misfortune.

He who lives alone has neither quarrel nor complications.

He who cuts the honeycomb licks his hand.

He who answers he call must open the door.

The unfortunate gets into trouble, the lucky learns a lesson.

Even the devil slaves for the fortunate.

If you are lucky, even an ox will give birth.

A man falls into the hole he has himself dug.

The god is thrown out of the temple by the priest.

To be in a hurry when one can scarcely walk.

Will the sun rise at night because the washer man is in a hurry?

Think of your throat before you swallow a bone.

He who thunders brings no rain.

The carpenter’s staircase is broken.

She who can work becomes a slave, she who can talk becomes a leader.

He is perfect in everything except that he is blind of one eye.

He who can talk becomes a god, he who can work becomes a slave.

He who cannot walk tries to run.

He comes last but wants to sleep in the middle.

How can you have both meat and sweets?

Gold may be weighed many times, a man is weighed but once.

Gold needs no glittering.

The mouth is nice but the heart is black.

There was no need to use a broom, the wind swept it away.

An insignificant stream can carry away.

He who is thirsty often goes to the stream.

Give each devil his due.

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