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Nepalese proverbs (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The vain cow is eaten by the tiger.

He who cannot face a live tiger will pull its whiskers when it is dead.

The tiger that eats you will not spare me.

He who eats the buffalo’s calf will not spare the cow’s.

A young jackal cannot compete with an old tiger.

A run-down deer is chased even by a calf.

When a tiger becomes old, he hunts for grasshoppers.

A jackal’s roost in a tiger skin.

Will a cow die because of the cobbler’s curse?

An ass does not become a cow by bathing it.

A leopard has a thousand pens.

To lose a goat when the leopard was heard.

To read the gospel to a bear.

The buffalo to pray to the butcher for mercy.

He who cannot see a buffalo on his own body finds a louse in others.

A crowd gathers when a buffalo is felled but there is no one when a man falls down.

The buffalo is scared of the mendicant just as the mendicant is afraid of the buffalo.

How can the horn be a burden to the buffalo?

An elephant’s tusks are never withdrawn.

An elephant eats with teeth different from those it shows.

A gnat can make an elephant cry.

The grass is trampled when the elephants fight.

The elephant went through but its tail got caught.

Ask him, who has promised an elephant, for a goat.

He who rides the horse falls, he who works, errs.

A vain dog barks every evening.

There is no need to call but he comes wagging his tail.

A beaten dog always bares his teeth.

A dog stricken by a bolt is frightened of the lightning.

A dog’s tail does not become straight even of it is held in a trap for twelve year.

To lend meat to a dog.

A pet dog bites its master.

The cat is gone and the mouse rules.

There comes a mouse to govern when everyone else has failed.

Too many cats kill no mice.

Give the goat the lead of a goat.

If a goat will do, why is the ox needed?

Don’t sacrifice a goat when a chicken becomes ill.

A pumpkin that does not go into a goat’s mouth.

A man the size of a goat would talk as big as a basket.

The monkey’s tail is neither a stick nor a weapon.

Only a serpent sees the legs of another serpent.

The mouse digs the hole, the snake lives in it.

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