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Second foreign language (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

"Many parents believe that it is not necessary to learn a second foreign language at school. It is enough to learn only English"

Our modern world is inconceivable without studying languages. However, there are plenty of people who doubt the benefit of knowledge of additional foreign languages besides English.

I am inclined to consider that it is truly essential to study a second foreign tongue. Firstly, it develops a child`s brain and improves memory. These skills will be significant during the life. Secondly, language is a key which will open a lot of doors in the future. Moreover, it is interesting to communicate with foreigners, to watch films and to read books of great writers in the original.

Although most parents would generally agree with my position, a few would assume that the knowledge of English will be enough. They approve of the opinion that learning of a second language is very time-consuming and it can spoil school results in other subjects. Additionally, they suppose that children will study the language further if there is a necessity.

To a certain extent it is right but is not there the view that we do not need to waste the opportunities to become better every day, especially while we are young? I disagree with the contentions of the opposing opinion.

Taking everything into account, it is better to learn more at school as the knowledge cannot be useless.


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