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Knowing one foreign language is not enough (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Today learning languages has become very popular. The number of language schools and teachers is increasing every day. Some people argue that being fluent in more than one foreign language is necessary while others suppose it is optional for each person.

In my opinion, knowing one foreign language is not enough. First of all, people who know more than one language are more likely to get a higher-paid job than those who know only one language. A second language in a person's recap is an extra bonus when applying for a job. Secondly, learning languages improves one's memory and broadens one's mind. People who are fluent in more than one language enjoy greater brain capacity and can process information faster. In addition, there are lots of people and different cultures a person will not be able to explore without knowing a specific language.

The more languages a person speaks fluently, the more opportunities for communication he has in life. Those connections can help one in the future life.

However, some people believe speaking fluently in one language is enough. They say that nowadays there is a great variety of different mobile applications that help to translate any information one needs. Moreover, a person can hire a professional interpreter who will give a person an opportunity to communicate with people from different countries.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with them for the reason that translation apps in the phone are not correct most of the time. Also, those applications will not help with translating idioms and slang of the country. Additionally, a person has to take into consideration the fact that those applications cannbe used only with the Internet, but it is not available in all regions. What is more, hiring a translator is quite expensive and not everybody is able to afford it.

In conclusion, I am absolutely convinced that knowing at least two foreign languages will give a person more opportunities in life. It is a necessity of the modern world if one wants to be successful and socialize with people from different countries.


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