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sport (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Probably, in the world there is no person who does not have a favorite occupation, and it does not matter what it is connected with - singing, drawing, writing, cooking or photography. This is not a job, not a duty, and not even an additional way of earning. These feelings, the desire to enjoy the process and achieve the ideal result, perseverance in acquiring and developing skills, just rest after a hard working day.

Hobbies are the best pastime. If you really like the case, if you live with it and are ready to talk about your (and others') achievements in the field without stopping, then one day you will become a master of your business and, perhaps, you will connect it with your future career if you want .

I want to tell a little about my favorite business, but, in truth, I have a few. I love to cook and create new delicious dishes for myself and my relatives. It happens this way - I'm browsing interesting recipes on the Internet, I choose the one I like and start creating, but with an obligatory share of improvisation. Thus, nutritious and edible desserts have already been released from under my hands several times.

Now I'm learning to cook Japanese rolls, hot Korean snacks and other Asian dishes.

I also like playing guitar, singing songs, albeit on an amateur level. I rarely do it alone with myself, more in the company of friends for fun. Sometimes we go out of town and I take a guitar with me to entertain the guys.

I am madly in love with both of my hobbies, but I have a third - the most favorite, the best, just a hobby number one! I love sports. I'm engaged in fitness and just can not imagine my life without any physical exertion. I do not understand people who sit at home all the time, because they say that movement is life.

It seems to me that sport is an ideal activity in any of its manifestations. Gymnastics, acrobatics, weight lifting, horseback riding, ice skating are all just fine, and any sport is interesting to me, even if I do not do it. I like talking to specialists from different sports industries, whether it's a swimmer or a football player. I learn from them a lot of curious, I suggest they tell about their achievements, and also I become impressed.

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