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My Life Position (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is worth living and remaining a person in our time - a rather difficult task. The situation changes every day, giving us more and more surprises. The consumption society, in which all the developed countries gradually turned, dictates its conditions. The overwhelming majority of citizens are engaged in an eternal race for all new and new goods, sometimes forgetting about spiritual development.

Making money turned into a senseless run of squirrels in the wheel. We work from morning till night to buy things we dream about, but by buying them, we often lose interest in them and start dreaming about something new. We change models of phones, clothes, cars - not because the old ones have already worn out or are unsuitable for use, but simply because they ceased to be fashionable.

But in this crazy race for something new and prestigious, we sometimes forget about something important.

Our grandfathers, when they wanted to see someone or miss someone, gathered and went to visit this man. Our parents were more likely to get by with phone calls, discussing telephone problems with close people for a long time. We have social networks, and often we prefer to communicate on the Internet to the real. We follow each other's lives thanks to social networks, but we sometimes can not find an hour to meet someone close.

Buying all new things, we sometimes forget - to produce any, the simplest thing, there is some amount of electricity. Electricity consumption doubles every ten years, electricity is the electromagnetic pollution of natural resources, this is global warming.

The more a civilization develops, the more dangerous the environmental problems become. We uncontrolledly use natural resources, which, alas, are far from endless. Changes in the environment are global, and pretty soon we can go through the so-called "point of no return", after which the preservation of the Earth for people's lives will be impossible.

My life position is a gradual departure from the consumer society, even in small things; interesting communication with close people in opposition to virtual connections; environment protection. If each of us makes at least a few small steps in this direction, sooner or later the world will change for the better.


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