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39 и 40. Britain is a special country because of its geographical position (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)





Dear George,

Thank for your letter! Sorry for not being in touch for long- I was very busy last month.

But it’s good to hear you’re OK.

In your letter you asked me about problems with my summer tour across Russia. At the end my parents found 2 good hotels and a flat worth booking and we had a very nice holiday tour that included several cities. And yes, we used russian online services for travellers as they appeared to exist in Russia too.

By the way, you mentioned in your letter that you had some bad experience in European trips.

What was it? Did it have anything to do with online booking services? How did you manage with your troubles?

But I have to go now- it’s time for an evening walk with my dog. I hope to hear from you soon.




Development of a country is influenced by many factors- cultural, economical, political and of course geographical. That is why Britain with its unique insular position near the centre of Europe has always had a special place on the map of the world.But does it really makes any difference for the Great Britain’s population? In this essay I will try to look upon this issue.

In my opinion, the position of Great Britain gives its inhabitants unprecedented advantages. Firstly, a water separation from the other countries had been a natural defense line of the country for centuries and it had allowed

Britain to peacefully develop into a strong nation without being isolated from the civilized world. Secondly,

British isles are the “water gates” of Europe and that makes them an ideal position for the trading with both developed and developing countries by water ways.

However, some people say that Great Britain’s geographical features are not unique as there are other insular countries that have reached the United Kingdom’s level of development, like Australia.

I cannot agree with opinion because there is no other insular country that is a part of Europe Union and that has so much influence over politics and economy of the world as Britain.

To sum up, this issue of special place of Great Britain on the world map is still open to discussion but I believe the unique development of this country is very much influenced by its geographical position.


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