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My future is my profession (—очинени€ ≈√Ё английский €зык)

My future is my profession

Once in a person's life comes a time when he has to make a big and meaningful choice. For example, for whom to marry. Or buy a new motorcycle. Or - if without jokes - where to go to study.

The profession largely determines the future. It depends on it, whether the whole life will try not to die from boredom, spending days in an uninteresting place, or a curious adventure.

One wise man said: "Learn to enjoy the work - and you will not work a day." And he was right. If you have a hobby that interests you more than anything else, then for you it will not be a job to do this hobby.

One of my friends restores old cars, sells them and gets more for this than if he were sitting in the office.

A friend of mine makes people tattoos and is very happy because she likes it.

I'm going to become a psychotherapist, and I think that it's more interesting for me than for me.

I will explain.

There are three types of doctors working with the human psyche. The psychologist is limited to listening to the client and helping him to understand himself exclusively in words. The psychiatrist works with patients whose word is unlikely to help and treat them with medications. The therapist also combines these two approaches and can literally return a person from the other world.

I believe that there is no worse fate than madness. Madness destroys a person, changes a person from within, and if an incurable patient (cancer patient or paralyzed) can maintain both calmness and dignity, the madman is not given such a smallness.

He is actually trapped in hell inside his head. Imprisoned during life. I already read a lot about it, and I know cases when a person sees something that others do not. When he is pursued by abominable creatures, from whom no one will protect him, because they are just his imagination. When a person presents himself as not who he is, he suffers greatly from this. When he is lost in himself and remains there, lost and devastated.

And worst of all, during periods of remission, he can realize himself and understand what is happening to him.

Could it be anything more terrible to recover in a psychiatric hospital and find out that you have been in it for several months?

I want to help people. I want to fight with hell (no matter how pathetic it sounded) and pull out of it those who are in it.

Of course, this is difficult and many obstacles are waiting for me on the chosen path.

But I want my future to be connected with this sphere of medicine.


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