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How punished is the man who betrayed his dream - that's the question that S. Mezentsev is thinking about. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

How punished is the man who betrayed his dream - that's the question that S. Mezentsev is thinking about.

The author tells about Kolka Velina, an ordinary guy from a "remote, remote" village, "where there are more than a hundred kilometers to the nearest station, " and "the life path of each person" is equal and simple. However, the hero SV Mezentsev is not ordinary: he lives in the arms of a dream, unusual for rural boys, dreams of heaven. To fulfill his desire, to rise above the clouds on the silvery wings bearing "him over the wet snow, " the guy could not: he was scared and returned home, never having crossed the threshold of the flying school.

The author with a sense of compassion tells of how Kolka was punished for this: he suffered all his life, his heart was groaning "from aching pain" over an unfulfilled dream.

The position of the author is not difficult to determine: to be happy, a person must be true to his dream.

I share the writer's point of view. Indeed, only those who faithfully follow their dreams can become truly happy. I can confirm this with examples from fiction.

In the story of Vyacheslav Degtev "Dandelion" is told about a guy who, like the hero of S. V. Mezentsev, dreams "to rise above the clouds on silvery wings". During all the training, Levk is diligently engaged, purposefully goes to the desired one, is an example for others. And suddenly the most serious test: the guy is afraid to fly ... But he will overcome his fear, experience a feeling of bliss in the air, thereby fulfill his dream and become a pilot, which will undoubtedly make him a happy man.

I remember Assol, the heroine of the story-the extravaganza of Alexander Greene's "Scarlet Sails, " which since childhood dreamed that one day after her, a simple rural girl, the prince would arrive on a ship with scarlet sails. Assol lived in hope for this and sincerely believed that her cherished desire would come true. And not in vain! The girl's dream comes true, and she becomes truly happy.

Thus, I can conclude that only those who are true to their dreams can truly be happy, and the person who betrays his cherished desires will forever remain unhappy.


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