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MG Khudyakov in the text reflects on the problem of betrayal. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

MG Khudyakov in the text reflects on the problem of betrayal.

The narrative is based on a concrete case from life. Two boys went fishing, and one of them hurt his leg. Sergei eight kilometers dragged a friend on his back. In those moments of aggravated brotherhood the wounded confessed to Serega about the most intimate: about his love for a classmate. On this story about the nobility and male friendship in the story ends, because the next day Sergei betrays his friend, telling everyone about his feelings for the girl.

The narrator asks the question: did the youth commit a feat or treachery? Rather, betrayal, which for dozens of years remained a bleeding wound in the heart of a friend.

The point of view of M.G. Khudyakov is easy to define: Sergei committed betrayal towards his friend. And this his act overshadows the heroism of the teenager.

I completely share the author's point of view: the young man broke loyalty to a friend. Yes, he saved it on fishing, and then just for fun, betrayed him. This problem has repeatedly been raised in Russian literature.

Let's recall the story of Vasil Bykov "Sotnikov", which tells how the partisan Fisherman betrayed his comrade Sotnikov. Spiritual deafness does not allow the traitor to understand the depths of the fall. Only at the end of the story he realizes with irreparable delay that in some cases it is no better to survive than to die.

One of the main characters of the novel by Arkady Vasiliev "At one o'clock in the afternoon, Your Excellency" is Lieutenant-General A. A.Vlasov. Because of the miscalculations of the USSR High Command, his army was surrounded, the General himself is captivated. It was in captivity that he, a military officer, commits a betrayal, agreeing to lead the Russian liberation army created by the Wehrmacht to fight the Soviet army. For decades, the name of Vlasov has become a synonym for betrayal.

Thus, I can conclude that betrayal is a low act of man, condemned in society, and in literature even from biblical times.

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