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Indifference to the needs of man - this is the problem over which the author reasons. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Indifference to the needs of man - this is the problem over which the author reasons.

V. Timofeev indignantly speaks of insensitive politicians who think of a person "so that he can exist as some useful function". The writer laments: society is infected with such a social disease as disregard for the person. The author is sure that it is not difficult to change the attitude to ordinary people.

It is necessary to begin with the smallest: repair a broken elevator, fill a puddle at a stop, clean up the entrance ... He calls on big and small officials to make a person the highest value of society.

The position of the author is not difficult to determine. He believes that instead of loud calls, one must fight with indifference and disrespect for the person.

It's hard not to agree with the publicist. Indeed, the problem of indifference and disregard for a person in our society is acute, because not only the authorities, but each of us also thinks about our own well-being and considers ourselves a small detail in a huge state machine, a detail that does not depend on anything. This issue is actively discussed by politicians, publicists.

In the newspaper "The Breath of the Earth", in the article "Governor! Give an excavator! ", It is told that the inhabitants of one of the villages complained to the Governor that they have been without water for 9 months. And the local authorities all this time getting their hands on - they can not find an excavator for excavation. Moreover, they had to spread their hands during this time so often that if they took shovels in hand and each "divorce" equaled one "kopka" with a shovel, it would have been long ago without an excavator. Is this not an example of indifference to people ?!

I work for the "First Aid" and, in the nature of my work, often face indifference in the hearts of others when passers-by passively look away from a person lying on the ground, considering him drunk or homeless. And only a few dare to call an ambulance to a person who has lost consciousness due to a serious illness. And there are many such examples ...

Thus, I can conclude that it is necessary to fight with indifference and disrespect for the person: he is the supreme value of society!

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