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The influence of childhood events on the formation of a person's character is the problem over which the author reasons. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The influence of childhood events on the formation of a person's character is the problem over which the author reasons.

In his article, the historian VI Lebedev with sympathy narrates about what the future tsar, Peter the Great, had to endure in his childhood: the terrible sight of the Streltsy rebellion, the terrible death of Boyar Matveyev on the spears of the furious archers, the machinations of Sophia's elder sister. All this, the author believes, has deeply sunk into the soul of the future emperor and left an indelible imprint on his character.

The position of the author is easy to determine: consciousness, psychology, character of the future tsar were formed under the influence of terrible childhood events associated with the fierce struggle of the boyars for power.

It is difficult not to agree with the opinion of the historian.

The events of childhood exert a tremendous influence on the child, which subsequently affects the character and the further destiny of the person. As a proof I give the following examples.

So, in one of the episodes of the novel by IA Goncharov "Oblomov", "Oblomov's Snow, " much explains in the image of the main character. Little Ilyusha always aspired to free will: walk in the street, play with the guys. But this he never succeeded, because all the "staff and entourage" of the noble house immediately picked it up and did not allow anything to do on their own. The day in Oblomovka passed meaninglessly, in petty hassle and conversation, the main concern of Oblomov was the kitchen and dinner. It was from childhood that the way of the aristocratic manor formed the weak-willed, weak character of Ilya Oblomov.

It would seem that the childhood of the hero of the novel by F. M. Dostoevsky "Crime and Punishment" of Rodion Raskolnikov was cloudless. A kind and sympathetic boy could not tolerate injustice. This we learn from his dream of a poor horse, which scores in front of a dozen people drunk Mikolka. Adults are afraid to fall under the arm of a brutal man, and a small Rodya, loudly crying and screaming, punches the owner of the horse with his fists. This memory of childhood played an important role in the later life of the hero, it originated in his sick mind a few days before the murder of the old woman and, it would seem, stopped the hero, pushed him to renounce his plan ... But alas!

Thus, I can conclude that, of course, childhood events have an impact on the formation of a person's character.

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