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How to live a life «high and interesting» is the problem over which L. Serova reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

How to live a life "high and interesting" is the problem over which L. Serova reflects.

The author is helped to uncover the given question by quite well-known examples from the history of Russia: MV Lomonosov and IA Bunin, being really strong people, decided to live their lives interestingly and dignifiedly in their youth.

A. Serov clearly expresses his position: a man himself makes himself and his life the way he wanted.

I completely agree with the author's opinion: a person develops his abilities and talent, predetermined by heredity, which allows him to live a bright and unusual life.

Let us recall, for example, Alexei A.

Arakcheev. The son of a poor landlord, who received his primary education under the leadership of a village sexton, dreamed of a bright and rich life, about studying in the cadet corps. How much humiliation did the father and son of the Arakcheevs experience, collecting two hundred rubles, which had to be paid to the cashier of the artillery cadet corps! They even went to St. Petersburg Metropolitan Gabriel, who on the first Sunday in the church porch gave the poor money sent by Catherine II. The necessary amount was collected, and the young Arakcheev was admitted to the corps. Rapid progress in science, especially in mathematics, allowed him to soon receive the rank of officer, and then Alexei Arakcheev became due to his perseverance and perseverance not only military but also a statesman. The very fact that he was an approximate of two Russian emperors speaks for himself!

Or everyone knows a well-known example with Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, who from birth was a boy weak and painful, but he constantly tempered himself physically. And all because I dreamed about the bright life of a military man. Later, AV Suvorov wrote about himself: "I'm only a military man and other gifts are alien." And he achieved the fulfillment of his dream, lived an interesting and high life.

Thus, it can be concluded that each person decides how to live his life and what heights to achieve.

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