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What place in the row of our relatives, friends, and acquaintances is the mother-that is the problem that IF Goncharov is considering. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What place in the row of our relatives, friends, and acquaintances is the mother-that is the problem that IF Goncharov is considering.

A well-known Russian teacher convinces us, the readers, that the mother always remains for the child the closest person, because "her place in our life is absolutely special, exceptional." And this is not accidental: "Motherhood, the author is convinced, is a mission given to a woman from birth."

The position of the author is not difficult to determine: it is the mother among all relatives who is the main child.

I share the view of IF Goncharov. Indeed, it depends on the mother whether the child's life will be happy or will be warped, she is responsible for whether her son or daughter will grow up to be a real person. This was repeatedly written in their books by Russian classics.

Let us recall the famous novel by L. N. Tolstoy "War and Peace", the author's favorite heroine.

To whom, in moments of joy and sadness, is Natasha Rostova running away? To mama. To whom does she tell about her first love, her great feelings for Andrei Bolkonsky? Of course, mother! And Natasha herself, having married, becomes a wonderful mother, a best friend and adviser to her children, occupying the most important place in their life.

Nowadays literature gives completely different examples of the relationship between mother and child. Let's recall the story of I.Kuramshina "Filial Duty", which tells how the mother for her own fun and entertainment forgets about her son, having attached him to an elite boarding school. A mother-cuckoo, the heroine of the story of Yu.Korotkov "Gray", for the sake of the organization of his family happiness gives two normal, affectionate and kind children in the orphanage! What place will these grieving mothers occupy in their lives? How will they, these unfortunate children, treat a woman who abandoned them?

Probably, IF Goncharov would be deeply shocked by the latest examples that I brought. But still he was right: the mother, even a bad one, remains for the child the closest person. And the heroes of the above works: both Den and Oleg, forgive their mothers only because they gave them life.

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