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Spring Thunderstorm (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A spring thunderstorm ... With her cautious, timid rumblings, she informs everyone and everything that the real warmth has already come, that summer will soon come. People and nature rejoice together, because everyone has long yearned for the tender rays of the summer sun. You can talk about the beauty of the spring thunderstorm, watching it in the city, but a real, rich, spectacular and beautiful storm can only be seen outside the industrial stone world.

The spring thunderstorm begins very elegantly. On a warm spring day with a cornflower blue sky and a bright tender sun you, enjoying the fragrance of nature, listening, you begin to hear the growing rumble. A breeze rises, which drives a wave of weightless petals of flowering trees, blossoms with blossoming bunches of lilac and bird cherry, and therefore their smell becomes more expressive and brighter.

Bumblebees and bees, which have just been zealously flown from one flower to another, hurry to their hiding places. Almost all animals hide and wait. But people often, previously hiding in a cozy place, watching, enjoying the beauty of an elemental miracle.

And then everything ceases ... And the first rare large drops fall to the ground, foliage, flowers, warning of the beginning of a thunderstorm. But the plants were not frightened, but instead opened up and waited. They wait for this life-giving moisture to wash and be satisfied. Water, warm and clean, begins to flow a continuous stream. The lightning flashes, the thunder rumbles ...

But suddenly everything was noisy and quiet. As quickly as it began. Cautiously, birds start singing, then, after emboldening, begin to sing together unintentionally, each his own. Listen to all this - do not overhear.

The sun seemed to shine and everything sparkled with pearl drops on the foliage, in the grass and flowers. The world looks perfectly clean and bright. It begins to grow and grow. And the air! He is magical and intoxicating, it's impossible to breathe!

There will be more summer and autumn thunder, but spring - they are special. They are joyful, because they carry to the ground the joy of awakening, purification. Spring storm is an event that gives people hope and an indestructible power of life. But this is so important - to see something magical in the gray everyday world, when routine, cares, duties, idle entertainments occupy a large half of the time. Man and nature are one. Artificially distancing themselves from nature, a person goes against himself.

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