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Spring flowers (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

From the seasons of the year, I like spring most of all, because it gives us the most beautiful and delicate flowers. Spring flowers are special, they can not be compared to autumn chrysanthemums, summer dahlias, motley asters or cheerful petunia. Spring flowers are saturated with melt water, they take their strength from the awakening earth, their leaves are juicy-green and timid.

Many are primroses, they decorate gardens and flower beds. But the most remarkable of all the simple snowdrop, with which the beginning of spring is associated at all times. He is the most fragile of all the spring flowers, he is afraid to take it in his hands not to break. And the color of it, therefore, is not bright, modest, because the flower just came out from under the snow.

The snowman seems to be embarrassed by me, he tilts the head to the cold ground. And maybe even he is afraid of me: do not tear, let me live, see how nature awakens around, rejoices in spring!

Lily of the valley is also a fragile and amazing flower, it appears later, in early May. For many, including me, he is a favorite flower. The lily of the valley hides in the depths of the forest, because it does not like the sun, it lacks a small amount of light in the shade of the trees. The flowers of this flower are a dozen snow-white tiny bells. When you look at them, it seems that they are ringing barely audible. "Bells" try to hide in the thick of large green leaves to preserve the nectar of flowers for insects. And no flavor can compare with the smell of a lily of the valley. He is very gentle, very pleasant, but so strong that the lily of the valley is even called a hemlock, it is understandable why.

In place of your beloved lily of the valley, the equally beloved peony blossoms. Its unforgettable smell is the flavor of the end of the school year. Bouquets of peonies we carry on the last call, for exams, we give to our beloved teachers. Fragrant flowers of the bright peony can be considered spring, the first peonies blossom in May.

Tulips are the most famous and widespread spring flowers. But the tulips, which bloom in May on the flower beds, differ from those grown in greenhouses, they even smell differently. So it's so nice to give them to veterans on Victory Day! And there are wild tulips, they grow in the steppes and are listed in the Red Book, because too many divorced lovers destroy nature, violate its rules and beauty.

Lilacs are also fragrant spring flowers. No scrub does not smell as pleasant as a lilac. One small twig can fill a pleasant smell room, but they, like the smell of a lily of the valley, do not need to breathe for long. Each type of smell is special, but for some reason, the lilac is easier, the smell is more pleasant.

Such wonderful and unforgettable fragrances are rewarded by the spring for the fact that we long and patiently wait for it. And especially the spring flowers smell for those who do not tear them, but admire and write about them compositions.


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