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flowers (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In our family, everyone loves flowers. The plants in the pots on the windowsill were grown still by my grandmother, and many flowers in our house are a memory of her. Today we have flower pots everywhere, where there is a free place - not only on the windowsills, but also on the walls in the pots, on the floor in special decorative stands. Most of the new plants that appeared in our apartment, we bought with my mother in a flower shop near the house.

A flower shop is an amazing place. Crossing the threshold, you immediately find yourself in an amazing green world, reminiscent of the jungle. Large and small, evergreen and blooming, cut for bouquets and growing in pots - flowers and plants are everywhere.

It's especially nice to go to the store in the winter. Outside the windows there are snowdrifts along the ankles and an icy wind blowing right in the face, and here - a small blooming paradise.

Those who came for the bouquet, sellers will help choose the right flowers for any occasion. The birthday of your beloved girl, the jubilee of a chef at work, a bouquet of a friend for a memorable date - there are bouquets for every taste. Tiny fragile lilies of the valley, delicate daisies - or meter-long scarlet roses, colorful giant gladioluses - different customers like different things.

But my mother does not like cut flowers - they do not stand long and sooner or later die. There is nothing more sad than throwing out the dried up remains of plants, which only recently pleased the eye. Therefore, we prefer flowers in pots - with proper care they can stand forever. For those who come for indoor plants, the choice in the store is also almost unlimited. Here we bought also prickly cacti of all sizes, and a bright geranium; and green cypress, like a small Christmas tree, and multi-colored violets, from white and pale pink to dark purple. But my most favorite plant is the money tree. They say that it brings luck and material prosperity; but I like its thick, smooth leaves, incredibly pleasant to the touch.

To care for the plants in the store a lot of fertilizers and improvised inventory. Here you can buy the right soil for any flower, drainage in the form of brown pebbles, multi-colored pots of all sizes, special pendants. There are always a lot of visitors in the store, and none of them goes disappointed.


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