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Spring drops (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Oh, this unique spring music! Subtle, gentle, promising ... The beginning of March, the winter is already in full retreat and gives up positions, but does it clearly reluctantly. Even in the street there is snow and the sparrows and the little broomsticks are ruffled from the cold. From the roofs hung crystal clear icicles.

But the sun, and in fact it does not sleep, diligently works on that the real spring has come. The celestial celestial lingers longer in the sky, and it is already shining much warmer and more affectionate. And now, under the influence of his hard work, the fierce winter, as if not grumbling, does not creak, but begins to gradually go away. The jellyfish winds up its spring song and is slightly uncertain, and then the drops begin to ring more sonorous and ringing.

It is sonorous and soft at the same time, sometimes it is slow and at times it is fast.

Spring drops are music created by nature. It can not only be heard, but also to see when the water is slowly flowing down the icicle, is collected at the tips, so that at some point it can come off and fall to the ground with a droplet. You can watch for hours. And how much this little drop of power! Breaking off and dripping to the ground, it forms a hollow where water is collected into small lakes - cushions for the next drops. These drops, falling, declare with their sound: "We are alive! Do not freeze! ". Gathering a lot, they quickly run, murmuring streams, notifying about the spring.

When these icicles are many, they fall down and create the music of the whole orchestra. In this music you can hear the joy of life, change, hope, faith, the integrity of being. The people celebrate March 20, even the holiday - Vasily Kapelnik, in which people looked at the thawed circles around the trees: if the edges are sharp, then the spring will pass quickly, if smooth - will be protracted.

The spring drops were sung by poets and artists, because she leaves no one indifferent and directly symbolizes the victory of spring over the winter. These drops - they are like the tears of winter, which does not want to retire for long 9 months.

Spring drops are a symbol of the revival of nature, with every drop of ice and snow on the street becomes less. Everything is coming out of the winter's hibernation, the plants begin to wait for the moment, save forces to turn their face to the sun, the animals get used to the changes in nature. A person just wants to live!

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