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April day (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

April day ... He is so long-awaited after long evenings, cold weather and other "delights" of winter. Such a day is already long enough, because the sun is getting up early and lying down late. The bright and sonorous April day is filled with life - it boils, boils in every sprout, in every being.

Nature has really woken up after hibernation. The earth was covered with a carpet of young grass with interspersed spring flowers. Villagers, and still do not forget about summer residents, try to rationally use the April day to sow and plant everything. After all, the proverb says: "He who sows in the mud, he is a prince!", And also that the labor "April day feeds".

This wisdom of the people does not require proof, one does not need to be a genius in the forehead to understand that in April, in the first month, when they finally gave up their positions of cold, one must actively take up agricultural work.

April day happens, which surprises with its unpredictability. He sometimes invites guests to stay in the late winter. Then the cold and the sudden blizzard seem ridiculous against the background of the first green grass, foliage, flowers. But no one is upset because he understands that there will be another April day, when the sun will bring order everywhere. Mud in such a time is enough, because the snow is melting, the streams are running, spilling from the high water of the river. In April, the air is warm, but still quite fresh, especially in the mornings and evenings.

In Latin, the second month of spring is called "appris", which means "warmed by the sun." And this is as close as possible reveals the essence of natural phenomena at this time. In April, birds come to us (cranes, chibis, etc.), some plants blossom, bees completely wake up and start flying from flower to flower ... Nature enters the active phase.

April day, though long, but fleeting due to employment. I want to admire the awakening nature, to restore order in the garden and vegetable garden. And so, in cares, and the day runs faster.

April day - it is different at the beginning of the month and at its end. He is all in the wonderful development of nature, dynamics. Not boring, because all the time new. It gives birth to life, and this is a miracle all the time.

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