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I love spring (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I love spring, because at this time it becomes somehow more fun on the soul. I sit at the lesson and enjoy the sun, which shines brightly and warmly. When I go to school, I meet smiling people - probably they are also happy in the spring.

It seems to me that something new and unusual will happen.

Most of all I like to observe how nature changes. Poets often describe this time in poems. From the first days of March, strange things begin to happen around him: it seems that someone turned on a large lamp. The snow melts imperceptibly - during the day he was still lying near the entrance, and in the morning he was no more. Only in the park under the trees it melts longer. It is worth several days to warm the sun, as the plants begin to come to life.

On gray unsightly trees, buds appear, and the lawns are covered with ultra bright green grass.

The clouds are floating in the sky. If you lie down on the ground and watch them, then you can have fun. At first, all kinds of horses will meet, then mountains are high, you can even see your portrait.

With the beginning of spring you realize that birds really sing. It seems that even sparrows chirping not as usual, but fun and with overflows.

But the most favorite spring month is May. Not only because the school ends. I love the holiday on May 9: there are many people in the streets, adults and children, music plays, and in the evening the salute is beautiful and bright enough that it captures the spirit.

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Veterans go in military uniform with orders on their chests. They are so old.

Perhaps the whole city is going to the military parade. I am envious and proud of pride when uniform ranks of soldiers march along the square, military equipment is traveling.

In recent years, heat is already in May, so it's becoming harder and harder to sit in the classroom. After classes, my friends and I go to the park. There are already growing flowers, the grass is thick and soft, and the trees rustle with green leaves. Smells are such that the head is all around.

If you sit in the sun for a long time, you can even get tanned.

Outside the city, nature already lives a full life. Fishermen are sitting on the river, people are digging at their dachas, knocking hammers - the construction is in full swing.

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