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River in spring (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Spring is a wonderful time for the awakening of nature. The frozen winter picture is changing, changing right before our eyes, all living things are attracted to light and warmth, growing and developing. Any plant, animal, any element of nature at this time is an amazing sight. The magic of spring awakening is a vivid example of how beautiful and harmonious are all the natural processes on Earth, how perfect and regulated the system is nature itself.

Those who want to enjoy the greatness of the elements and see with their own eyes how the arrival of spring destroys the winter fetters, it is worth going to the river. Even the poets repeatedly sang the all-conquering power of nature, looking at the spring drift.

Approximately since November, the frost approaches the water surface of the river, and every night more and more confidently the surface is frozen by the ice crust. At first, a very thin cover is uncomfortably huddled by the shore, unable to cope with the current of the river, but in the end even the most turbulent streams eventually cover the ice shell.

In especially severe winters the unhurried wide river can be covered with a layer up to one meter in thickness. And since the moment of early warming, this seemingly monolithic ice cover slowly but steadily collapses.

The warming currents of the current wash away the frosty fetters from below, thinning the ice, every sunny day brings the moment when the river is finally free. But at night, the weakened frosts diligently win back the lost "frontiers, " clinging to the outgoing breath of January with all their might. Such a struggle of spring and winter continues until the sun's rays begin to warm up the roofs of houses and snow-covered fields. The snow melts, turning into bubbling trickles of water, wherever you look, these streams accumulate into streams and streams, rushing to the aid of an ice-bound river.

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The current takes melt water, expands the channel, the full-flowing spring river "straightens the shoulders" and its winter shackles crack at the seams. Sometimes this noise and groaning of ice can really be heard, especially when the shell gives cracks. And here comes a particularly startling moment - the ice has started! The whole surface of the river comes to life, it starts moving, the fragments rise, crawl over each other, resist, but surrender as a result, they all float downstream. Winter stops the struggle, dirty ice throws ashore, the frosty fragments fade weakly under the warm sunlight.

And at this moment, looking at a full and powerful river, a person understands that the element is an irresistible will of nature itself, with which it is impossible to fight

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