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Signs of spring (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Once my father came home from work and said: "Spring begins." I ran to the window and looked through the glass to see how spring begins. But everything looked rather dull and gray. Heaps of dirty snow lay in the courtyard. And nothing said that soon spring. I said this to my dad. And my father laughed and replied: "Do you remember, could you see a window and see something at the same time a month ago?" I thought. No, at this time it was already quite dark outside, because it's getting dark early in the winter. And now, and really, at the same time, the twilight was only just beginning to gather and everything was clearly visible.

"The day is getting longer, " is a sign of spring, "said the pope and asked:" Do you know any signs of spring? " I thought for a while and answered: "I know, if my mother gets my rubber boots from the pantry and puts them in the corridor, this means that the spring has begun." Because in the spring the snow melts, the streams run and I like to walk in rubber boots.

Hence, rubber boots are a sign of spring. Papa laughed again and said: "These are not boots - a sign of spring, these streams are a sign of spring, but in general, you are right, the streams will soon run away." And the icicles will cry. "

I was surprised: "Can icicles cry?" It seemed to me that my father was making fun of me "Of course, " Dad answered, "It's only necessary to warm the sun, as drops begin to fall from the icicles." And the truth is, how could I forget about the drop! But the spring drops - the most that is the exact sign of spring. I really like the sound of drops, real music, like a xylophone.

And as soon as the drops ripple, the murmur of the streams also ceases, a very different spring begins - even more cheerful and sonorous. Fly birds that wintered in the south. Last year all the spring on the tree opposite our house sat the starling and sang its melodies. At first I did not know what kind of bird it was - black, shiny, white speckled, but my dad told me that it was a starling and since then I have been able to distinguish between starlings in voice and appearance. The starling's song is the most convincing sign of spring.

In general, the return of birds is a very important sign of spring. Every time the birds return at different times. Their arrival does not depend on the calendar. Instinct tells birds when the spring really begins. There is such a well-known painting by the artist Savrasov "The Rooks Have Arrived." The landscape on it is not very beautiful, it's not spring at all, snow is everywhere, but once on the bare birch there are returning migratory birds, people understand: spring has come.

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