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Comparison - winter and summer (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Winter and summer are two contrasts, two opposites, united in their splendor. Each time in its own way finds the way to the heart, but does not leave indifferent. What time of year is better? Can I compare them? How to compare them?

If we talk about winter, this time is quite severe, but this strictness has its own charming charm. The cold season is a unique opportunity to enjoy the snow, to feel the unique sensations, walking along the frozen river, to feel a pleasant invigorating pinching of frost on your face, from which a blush appears on your cheeks. Of course, the winter is New Year's and Christmas, the winter's favorite bunch of home holidays, without which our life would be much more boring.

Winter makes us appreciate the warmth, making the home much more comfortable. Coming home from the cold and feeling how his face burns, it becomes somehow soulful and pleasant.

The charm of a home is felt more sharply. When a blizzard whirls around the window and wraps the lurking nature with a white veil, I want so much to hide in my warm home and watch through this window for this unchecked element.

Winter is a unique artist who transforms literally everything she can touch. Patterns on the windows, sparkling snow cover on the roads, unique patterns on the puddles pinched by frost, monumental pictures of cracking ice blocks on the river. Each landscape is worthy of the artist's inspired brush.

However, summer, too, can not be discounted. Summer is a joy in its pure form, positive emotions that overflow the whole world. Bright and generous sun, giving its warm rays to everyone who goes out into the street. Riot of nature, flowering and rebirth, omnipresent greens, pleasing to the eye. Summer is a period of pleasant impressions and intense emotions, a time of rest and recuperation. We are waiting for him to digress from everyday life and allow himself a free life.

The summer lavish table is always rich in vegetables and greens. Suppose now that you can buy any vegetables in the supermarket at any time of the year, but when you buy small tomatoes in the small market, saturated with sunshine and still warm after they were removed from the garden, you understand that high technologies of agriculture will never replace the simple pleasure of natural products.

Summer is also a unique and inspirational artist, every year offering to the public their bold works woven of greenery, happiness and radiant sun.

So what is better, winter or summer? No wonder they say: "you'll appreciate when you lose it." Peoples who live on the equator and do not know winters, look at the snow, as if it's some kind of miracle. And the inhabitants of the northern lands, deprived of the sun, speak of the southern edges, as if they were heavenly places. The truth is as always in the middle: our blessing is not winter or summer taken separately. This is a change of seasons, given to us by nature, so that we can enjoy all its colors.

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