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Trees in winter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In winter, the trees, which are so much fun with their crowns in the summer, are completely naked. Dark, almost black trunks, dark branches. From a distance the forest appears to be a motionless black stripe on a white background of a snowy field and sky. If you come closer, the forest becomes transparent. The trees crunch slightly with their thin branches in the frost. Life in the forest freezes in winter. You come to the forest and feel like there's nobody in the forest. All nature is lifeless.

But this is not so. And hare tracks are visible on the snow. And black crows gallop on branches. And the woodpecker in a red cap beats hard on the trunk of the tree: there, under the bark, he finds insects hiding for the winter - his food.

And this knock is carried to the whole forest, as if he wants to tell everyone that there are living creatures in the forest, life in the forest continues, despite the cold. Hares also find food in the trees: when they can not find anything under the snow, they bite the bark of the aspen. Not the best food for a little rabbit, but still better than nothing at all.

And for someone, a tree is a house. Squirrel arranged a dwelling for herself in an old hollow, and in advance she brought there nuts and mushrooms. And in the tree itself, life is not visible to our eyes, life juices run down its trunk under the dark bark. Only the sun will warm and they will run even faster. And then the kidneys will swell and burst, there will be tender green leaves, the crown will turn green. Birds will sing. And it will be clear to everyone: life has never disappeared. Just slept in the winter forest, the trees were asleep.


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