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A city dweller so rarely meets the land (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Since birth we are imprisoned in our cities, as if in stone towers. We leave the house and wander along the gray pavement, jump from step to step, we go to the loud noise of the subway. And this road seems endless. All around, wherever you look, one concrete, glass painted windows, from which they give faked and false, fountains are just an imitation of a real, living stream of water that can be seen only in the mountains or in the forest.

What to do, people hid in their megacities, their apartments like a cage, and completely forgot about how the real earth looks. And how nice it is to walk barefoot in nature on bare, real earth. Does anyone, I wonder, still remember this feeling? For example, in the summer, after a warm, blind rain, taking off sandals, run through the puddles, like a small child, feeling under each small pebble, and laughing, falling into deep holes.

Or in the countryside, step on the freshly cut grass, feel its softness, and after inhale a sweetish flavor.

(New York)

Life passes in eternal vanity, where we, paying attention to flowers or trees, do not look at all at our feet, do not look at the ground. There are squares, lawns and colorful lawns in the city, but will someone come to your head, take off your shoes and set foot on this piece of wildlife? It seems to me that we are losing something very important, by isolating ourselves from the most valuable, that is, the person.

Rarely, very rarely there is a city resident with land, at best, he works at the dacha, planting plants, or runs to the lake, gently stepping on clay soil. But remember, once there was such a good tradition - to plant trees when you get closer to the ground, doing simple work. Now this feeling is no longer explained to urban residents, who are in love with their impregnable fortress - the city.

But in fact a truly free and protected person can feel himself only in the environment of nature. So a villager, going out into the field, always takes a handful of earth and crushes it in his hand, for him it always remains a source of life. She is a nurse, so all people living in the country experience this respect for the land, especially in small village

And, if you think about it, even our planet is called "Earth", which symbolizes the homeland, the place where the person comes from, where he is happy, from the fact that close to him there are close people. Therefore, even the townspeople need at least occasionally "to fall from heaven to earth, " to take off their shoes, walk barefoot in the squares on the grass, feeling their unity with nature. This unique sensation is remembered for a long time. Like the first bathing in the river, the sand flowing between the fingers, the sound of the sea, the most beautiful sunrise and the most romantic sunset.


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