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Soccer game (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

When I was 14 years old, I first got to a football match. Since I live in a small town, we do not have our own football club, so I watch football only on TV or on the Internet. Once my uncle, who periodically goes to the regional center for football, invited me to go with him. Of course, I immediately agreed! Our uncle's son went with us, my brother Andrey.

Having bought tickets through the Internet, we, with impatience, began to wait for the beginning of the match. And so, the day has come, we arrived on the train, got to the stadium and took our seats.

Just want to say that the regional club is not strong, but it plays like a beast at home, so we hoped for the victory of our team, despite the fact that the arrived club was one of the grandees of our championship.

The game began with the powerful attacks of our club, the guests went to the defense and answered only with rare counter-attacks.

Unexpectedly, our missed one of these attacks, and missed offensive ball. To the joy of the fans, they did not drop their hands and went forward again. The team of our city attacked and attacked, once even hit the ball in the bar, but there was no goal. Meanwhile, the first half ended and the break began. While there was a break in the match at the stadium, there was a local group of girls-cheerleaders, who simply lit the stadium with their performance.

The second half began with a terrible error from our goalkeeper, who managed to let the ball in a simple situation. Everyone in the stadium was terribly upset and began to sit quietly, only the fans of the visiting team could be heard, although there were only a couple of dozen people. The game also calmed down, although our players periodically tried to fix the situation. Finally, they succeeded! Handsome goal scored our striker on the 85th minute. The game immediately increased, mutual attacks began. When it seemed that the game would end, in extra time our still managed to equalize. Draw, which looks like a victory!

Emotions that I received on this game, just go off scale. I was so pleased to be sick at the stadium, that now, I can not wait to grow up and go to the matches myself

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