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I am a teenager (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

For the present, we are at an age when it is difficult for us to call adults, but it seems that they are not even small children. We are teenagers, for example, I do not care much about the problems of adults, but I sometimes think about my future. I wonder who I will be, how my fate will turn out, what kind of family I will have, will I have many friends?

Probably, everyone in adolescence, that is, my age, wants to look older and soon grow up. We pretend to be independent at this age, we try to prove something to someone, but it's more like childhood, not growing up. So far I have not decided who I will be, until the most important thing is to finish school and pass the USE in the eleventh grade, but before that, oh how far. For my mother - I "bluff and goof." But I know that this is what she says, because she loves me very much.

It's just that I have not decided on my future profession or studying after graduation. So far I really like to make sketches of landscapes, I can make a drawing with my mother's pencil, and she really likes it. And what if I - the future and very famous artist - a portraitist? Who knows.

In my personal opinion, such a number of adult problems that they face in life, they invented themselves. After all, you could have managed without them. They, for some reason, always listen to someone else's opinion, envy them, constantly someone advises and interferes with their affairs and problems. Here I am, when I become an adult, I will be free and independent. It is possible that this will be very difficult to achieve, but I will try my best. I do not want to be a gray, invisible mouse in the future. Of course, we will have to defend and prove our opinion, but I will never retreat - this is the lot of the weak and untalented. This is certainly a controversial issue, but this is my personal opinion. Mom tells me that it's hard for me to have my character in my life, that I always have to compromise. It is possible that she is right, because she has a great life experience, and she has every right to say so. But this is my life and I, as a teenager, have the right to make a mistake, they are spoken and studied.

At my classmates almost all have any hobbies or hobbies: someone is busy with photography, someone writes poetry and is fond of the history of Russian literature, and one girl has already learned how to sew perfectly, and to her the classmates turn. With firm certainty, I can say that among my classmates there is not one of those "gray mice", each of the guys is interesting in its own way and it has some inclinations and abilities.

If it were possible, at least one eye, to see our future, then it would be much easier to live now at this age. But then it can and to aspire to anything it would not be necessary. But is this right, it's still a question.

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