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Every teenager should do sport (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the modern society there is a large number of special equipment and facilities for sport. Scientists are firmly convinced that this type of activities is very significant for teenagers. Children are arguing with them thinking that they are active enough and there is no need to do sport obligatory. In my essay I am going to analyze this debatable issue and express my own opinion.

I totally agree with the researchers’ point of view. To begin with, following a healthy lifestyle involves sport. It allows to prevent different dangerous diseases that is really important for the growing body of a teenager. Secondly, physical exercises help young people to maintain fitness and to look attractive. Thirdly, doing sport teenagers are trying to be the best in their category.

It teaches them to set goals and make efforts to achieve them.

However, there is an opposite opinion. Youngsters’ persuade others that there are more important directions of self-development and self-realization rather than sports. For instance, with the help of education it is much easier to find a well paid and liked profession. Moreover, it is a quicker way to earn money unlike professional sport because to have noticeable success in this area young people should devote their lives to it. Another reason for refusing doing sport by every youngster is an extremely high chance of injury.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the ideas, mentioned above. It is impossible to fully develop teenagers’ potential if they do not try themselves in different fields, including sport. Especially they cannot eliminate physical activities from their lives. Nowadays there are many special devices that facilitate doing sports, as well as increase the level of safety for teens athletes even for beginners.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that youngsters can fully develop only if sport is an integral part of their lives. It also teaches teenagers to play fairly and to respect the players on the opposing team that is really useful for their future profession if they are going to work in a big company.


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