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Parents are teenager's best friends (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Everyone who has children has asked themselves the question: 'Am I the best friend of my son of daughter?' Some parents dream that their children treat them like their peers. Others are sure that it is better to be good parents of the child than his or her best friend. Let us discuss this issue.

In my opinion, parents must first of all be parents. Firstly, it is impossible to fulfill the role of power and upbringing when the child perceives you as his or her best friend. Sometimes you need to be strict in order to teach the child to do the right thing. It is difficult to remain a friend and at the same time to forbit something your child. Secondly, many parents are often busy with work and cariers and cannot spend much time with their children. Thirdly, children can be get bored spending time with their parents because of the age difference and they have few common interests.

Children are much more interested in watching movies and playing computer games with their peers because they grow up at the same time.

However, some people think differently. They are sure that parents are people who always wish their child only the best. Besides, parents can always help with advice, because they are older and more experienced. What is more, parents will support in difficult times, when you have quarrel with your friends. They will notice that you have come home sad and will ask you what happened.

But I am afraid I cannot agree with this view. I believe that a child needs to have friends among his or her peers in order to learn to find a common language with other people and not fell lonely at school and at sections. At school the child learns to communicate with people who are not relatives to him or her. Parents love their child just like that. They cannot objectively criticize their children.

In coclusion, I want to say that you should not try to make friends with your child if you are his or her parent. You are already a very important and beloved person in his or her life.


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