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My favourite profession (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In childhood, adults often ask kids: "Who do you want to be when you grow up?" And the children happily answer: "cosmonaut!", "Firefighter!", "Actress!" While we are small, our dreams and desires often change. The child enters the circus, sees a trainer in a cage with tigers - and of course, immediately wants to be a trainer. For the first time flying on an airplane - and wants to become a pilot. Goes to a concert - and wants to become a singer or a musician. Watching a movie about the war - "Mom, I'll be a military!"

Children are getting older, and the problem of choosing a profession is becoming more urgent. The pupils of the senior classes ask these questions already consciously, seriously. Which profession to choose? Yes, so as not to make a mistake and not be disappointed in your choice after a few years? After all, work should not only bring money, but also give joy, pleasure from the work done, be loved throughout life.

In addition, to become a true professional, a young man must have certain propensities to the chosen profession.

The profession that I choose for my future is a doctor. This is one of the most important professions on earth. Only thanks to doctors, hundreds and thousands of people survive daily. The life of people depends on the right medicine, the time of diagnosis or a successful operation. Doctors, like the gods, keep fragile human lives in their strong hands.

When a person is born, an obstetrician helps him to appear. He is the first to take a newborn in his arms. Another doctor will make the nursing baby the necessary vaccinations, which in the future will protect the life of a small man from serious diseases and epidemics. Next, the fate of the child will be dependent on the skills and pediatrician skills. If the baby falls ill, the doctor will always help. A person becomes older, and the therapist begins to monitor his health. If the disease is serious and requires surgical intervention - the surgeon will come to the rescue. There are many doctors - specialists. The ENT cares about the respiratory system, the endocrinologist - about the thyroid gland, the eye doctor - about vision, the gastroenterologist is responsible for the stomach, the dermatologist - for the skin, the trauma specialist will help in case of accidentally received trauma. I do not know yet which medical specialty I will choose, but I am sure that I want to save lives, I want to help citizens of our country stay healthy as long as possible.


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