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Favourite subject (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It goes without saying that the subjects teenagers prefer the most have been the subject of much recent discussion. I am therefore currently working on an important project to find out what subjects teenagers in Zetland prefer to study. I have found some valuable statistics for my project in a diagram to help give my opinion on the subject.

The information in the bar chart shows the popularity of each subject. Mathematics (34. 9%) is the most popular, whereas, in stark contrast, Literature (1. 8%) is the least. Physics (34. 7%) ranks just below Mathematics (34. 9%), and roughly a third of responders choose History (20. 3%) and Foreign languages (8. 3%).

The bar chart shows a significant difference between subjects teenagers prefer the most.

Mathematics is the most preferred subject, while Literature is the least. As noted earlier, Mathematics barely exceeds Physics, which has 34. 7% of responders' votes.

The statistics point to an underlying problem. As Foreign language is one of the least preferred subjects, it is clear that teens have troubles with studying a new language.

ut if teens watch more films and read more books in the language being studied, they will improve your speaking and grammar skills.

I personally believe it is important for teenagers to have favourite subjects. This can help them choose their future profession and become successful in their career.


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