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Love (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Love, it seems to me, is a feeling that can endure for a long time, be very merciful and patiently wait.Many unfortunately, very often it loses its real meaning and remains just a word said thoughtlessly. I want to meet in my life such love, that she was the only one and always for life. Probably, it is a gift that is not given to everyone. A loving person, in my opinion, is very wise, he cares not only about himself, but about that person whom he loves. He knows how to listen attentively and necessarily hears what his beloved or beloved wants to say to him. He will never be exchanged for small, domestic quarrels, which do not mean anything.

Love is a light in the soul, capable of giving life the right meaning. But this gift is very fragile. Love without difficulties does not happen. The most important thing is that two lovers understand this, then it will be easier for them to be together, because to do this they will do everything possible and impossible, too.

Love is based on tremendous trust and an irresistible desire to do everything to make the other good. Not always it corresponds to interests and beliefs, but it is necessary to find the compromise. After all, it is a union of two hearts of people who can be completely different, dissimilar in appearance and with different visions of the world. Here you need to be able to concede. Love can not be described in simple words. This is not something that can be determined, even to understand and it is impossible. The most important thing is to feel it.

The question, what is love, has long been interested and worried about people. Many songs have been written about it, poems have been written, and even a large number of scientific studies have been carried out. Poor is the one who has never experienced this beautiful feeling in his life. It captures, makes a person happy or unhappy, it decides fate. Love is like a mystery that you can solve all your life, but you can not solve it. In my opinion, love can be called a state of mind when you have everything for happiness and the whole world around is happy for you. You accept with gratitude a person with all his shortcomings, another character, education, a word such as it is.

Love is not only passionate, but also sad feeling. This is especially noticeable when you read works about unhappy love, sometimes such longing engulfs. It is such a common and very bright feeling, which is understandable for everyone. It must be cherished and cherished. To life was filled with love, you need to take care of your loved ones, they can be friends and parents.

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