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The computer in my life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I never thought about what it means to me my computer, but still it's an interesting question. The computer is so firmly settled in my everyday life and so long ago became a part of everything that I do that I stopped noticing it and thinking about it. I just use it as needed. But it turns out that he almost always needs it. If you want to write an abstract, I type it on the computer, if you need to find some information, I search it on the Internet, again using a computer. Even movies we have been watching on the Internet for a long time, since it is much more convenient and saves time. After all, with this viewing very rarely can prevent advertising.

Now any documents that need to be made are typed on the computer, there you can check the errors or find the correct construction of the sentence.

A computer can do almost anything, he believes he checks the errors, he emphasizes what is wrong, using a computer you can watch movies, read books, listen to music. The fact that before it was necessary to have many devices, now requires only a computer. It is very convenient and, naturally, everyone around now is using a computer and all are very happy with it.

The computer very much helps to save time, though, on the other hand, it on the contrary takes away it. For example, if we start playing some games on the computer or correspond with friends, time just flies, and no one notices how quickly it passes. Because of this, you can not have anything to do and spend the whole day sitting at the computer. In order to make the computer a friend and assistant, not a killer of time, you need to be able to control yourself and make good use of its useful resources. In this case, the computer can save a lot of time and do a lot of things in a couple of hours. If you are constantly distracted by social networks and interesting pictures, then nothing good will come of it.

Although it is very informative and entertaining, and can help to learn a lot of interesting things, it is better to find free time for this. Most likely, if I had a computer now or limited the opportunity to use it, when and how much I want, I would feel a little lost, because it became necessary. I think many people can say the same thing, since everyone now uses computers, more and less. In addition, computers are more and more modified every year, and their quality improves almost every day. If before there were huge aggregates, now you can use small, comfortable laptops that also have excellent power.


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