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Spring. Great water (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The great Russian landscape painter Isaak Levitan depicted in spring, on one of his most famous paintings "Spring: Great Water, " a spring flood, when the river came out of the banks and flooded a small grove, field and village. Most of the canvas is occupied by water, its even and clean surface, in which one can see the reflection of the sky and white clouds. Birches, spruce and some old mighty tree stand out from the water. All the trees are still bare, they do not have foliage, because the spring has just begun. They are thin and look defenseless, their trunks and branches are also reflected in the water.

On the left there is a yellow strip of earth, it contrasts beautifully with the blue water and as if shows that the water is not unlimited.

In the depth of the picture you can distinguish flooded houses and a steep high bank.

The picture is full of light, the sun shines brightly, causing the trees to cast dark shadows. The sky is written in light blue tones. This creates a sense of spring. It seems that the sun is also baking your back. You can touch the calm surface of cold water and breathe in full spring air, filled with the unique aroma of the awakening nature. It's still cool, but every day it will be warmer and warmer.

Also on the left is an old boat, which someone left here. Perhaps it was a long time ago, and she was no longer destined to sail. Or maybe the owner sailed on it from the flooded village houses.

Immediately noticeable that the artist filled his picture with an incredible love for nature, he managed to convey to the viewer the beauty and touchingness of this early period. Previously, I could not imagine what a seemingly unremarkable event, like a flood, can look so romantic and spiritual. Thanks to this picture, I also felt awe in our nature and in all its manifestations. After all, in everyday life, we often do not notice this beauty.


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