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Some people think it is too late to stop the harmful effects of global climate change. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

We live in an age when climate change formally called global warming is taking place of a very high-rate, causing a lot of problems. Therefor, it has become one of the most debatable issues. Some people claim that it is too late to stop the harmful effects of global climate change because it is impossible to change our lifestyle radically, aiming at nonstop consuming the products. Others say that people should unite and think of some solutions how to save our planet from destruction caused by human activities.

From my point of view, nothing is too late.

These days people try to cooperate and avoid global warming. Firstly, a lot of countries try to build their policy focused on ecological problems. For example, in Russia 2017 year is the year of ecology. The main goal of this event is to ensure environmental safety and preserve the unique nature of Russia. Also, we have some special days when everyone goes out and clean the city. Secondly, municipal government in every city is now solving ecological problems. For instance, there are colored tanks for separate collection of garbage. For plastic, paper, glass. Their contents are recycled. From the waste create new things: fleece blankets, aircraft parts, children's slides and much more. What is more, people have already started to use alternative sources of energy, namely: solar, wind, water, geothermal. In Cyprus there are a lot of windmills.

However, some people think that we don’t have enough time to improve environmental situation. First of all, it is very difficult to change people’s lifestyle. Obviously, it is very expensive to buy electro cars, use alternative sources of energy. Furthermore, the growth of population leads to the growth of pollution. Global human population growth amounts to around 75 million annually, or 1.1% per year. And it is clear that people need food, energy, and product and as a result of this we receive a lot of rubbish. Last but not least, there is no good green education. Unfortunately, children don’t have subject at school about environment.

But if this is so, government should change people’s lives step by step. People will adjust to new ecological-friendly lifestyle. If we have more eco-event, people will surely be more careful with environment. It is clear, that the more we consume, the more rubbish we get so people should find the key of decrease of population. Maybe it will be good if in every country there is a law about one child in one family. It is very sadly but we should prevent overpopulation. Finally, in the Ministry of Education the question of appearance of ecology subject in all schools should be touched. All things considered, as far as I am concerned, although it would be hard for people to change lifestyle, I strongly believe that it is our duty to save planet. People should come together, think and create new events that will help us to improve environmental situation. These events should be interesting to make people be involved.

Don’t forget about our planet, it is our home. Do you want to live in a polluted, dirty and health-hazard world?


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