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We must stop using mobile phones because of their harmful impact (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

We must stop using mobile phones because of their harmful impact.

There are lots of different ways of communication nowadays but the most popular one is a mobile phone. Some people beieve that we should reject mobile phones because of their harmful effect, while others cannot imagine their lives without mobile connection.

In my opinion, we should stop using mobile phones as they do a lot of harm. Firstky, electromagnetic fields from mobile phones can lead to serious illnesses from temperature rise to cancer. Secondly, people are becoming too addicted to their mobiles spending time playing games or chatting online via social networks or sending messages. Thus, they lose real-life social skills.

Finally, mobile phones consume a lot of electricity, so they unstock natural resourses of electric enerfy and badly affect the ecology.

However, some people cannot refuse to use mobile phones as these devices do some good things. They help us to keep in touch, take photos and pay for things. Moreover, it is becoming trendy to have the latest model of a mobile phone, so many people change their device to appear modern and fashionable.

Anyway, I still believe that we shoul cut down on using mobile phones as devices which harm the world a lot. We can pay for things in cash and communicate with people at the meeting. Additionally, we should realize that it is not necessary to buy a new phone if your old one is in a good condition yet.

In conclusion, while mobile phones have lots of advantages, I think that they do tremendous harm to people and planet. We shoyld stop ising them or learn how to reduce the harmful impact

as soon as possible.


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