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The art of talking. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Humans are the only creatures on Earth that can communicate with help of words. I consider that it's an excellent gift, but the majority of people can't communicate correct. Nowadays is important to be good speaker, we spend much time associating with people.

The main rule of talking is “first think then speak”. From my personal point of view, it means that, first of all, we have to think and then to speak so as not to offend a person or not to be mistaken.

I think that a man has to take silence, if he doesn't have something interesting or wit to say. There is useful quotation “The least said, the soonest mended”. It means: talking to much will make things only worse. To be a good conversationalist we have to fight with our angry feelings, to be calm and intelligent, because it is more pleasant to communicate with well-balanced person.

It is not enough to talk correct for the good conversation. To become a good communicator, you have to learn to listen. Active listener does not interrupt, uses open ended questions, give attention solely to listening. It's important to be a good listener today, because one can better understand people.

Dialogue between two or six people is one side of conversation, but there are situations when the men have to explain his message to the auditory. This is called presentation. It is difficult to become a skillful speaker, because speaker has to keep correct posture, to keep your movements under control, to use natural gestures. I think you could say that it is science. So appears question “Are speakers born or made?” I think that speakers are made, because everyone can become great speaker, if will work hard very long time on his voice and on his behavior on scene, thus you can achieve this skill during your life.

In conclusion i would like to say that the effective communicator is the one who can create a climate of trust. I want to give you an advice:” Remember! Words are, of course, the most powerful upon used by mankind, because words can offend person and vice versa.”


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